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Optical Components

Optical Components section is for non-polarizing optical elements. General optics includes: Lenses, Axicons ( Conical Lenses), Prisms, Dielectric and Metallic coated optics, Filters, Optical Substrates, Metal Mirrors, Off- Axis Parabolic Metal Mirrors, Non Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes...

Polarization Optics

Elements are designed to modify optical radiations’ the state of polarization. Polarizing optics includes: Waveplates (Phase Retardation Plates), Brewster Type Thin Film Polarizers, Broadband (Ultrafast) Thin Film Polarizers, Polarizing Cubes, Glan Type and Other Polarizers...

Laser & Q-Switch Crystals

Laser crystals are made from monocrystalline material. It uses gain media for Solid-State Lasers. Usually they are doped with transition metal or rare earth ions. We offer: Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YVO4, Nd:YAG, Nd:KGW,Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW , Yb:YAG, Tm:YLF, Yb:LiYF4, Yb:CaF2, LiSAF, LiSGaF and LiCAF Crystals...

Laser Accessories

Laser accessories could be helpful for your laser systems in many different ways. This category includes a great variety of items: variable attenuators, beam shaping systems, beam expanders, laser beam visualizers, IR viewers, spectacles and goggles for protection, first contact optics cleaner...

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About Us

About Us

E-shop ‘In Stock Optics’ offers a wide range of laser optics directly from stock: uncoated laser optics (lenses, prisms, windows, filters), coated laser optics (mirrors, wavelength separators, AR coated windows, filters), polarization optics (waveplates, polarizing cubes, Brewster type thin film polarizers, Glan and other polarizers), laser & nonlinear crystals (Ti:Sapphire, N d:YV O4, BBO, KDP and other crystals).

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